Swimming at Shaligram Nirvana

 On the second week of September, my family and I joined swimming Lesson. Except for my father because he had a lot of business meetings and also he knows how to swim, I also know how to swim but I really wanted to learn all strokes like: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. Because someday I would like to participate in a swimming Tournament. 

I had lot of fun learning to swim. I raced with my friend at the swimming pool. I called him pool friend!He also had the same concept for learning swimming like me. So after 3 months of hard training I learnt a lot. Still later I have to learn a lot. But we are living in far west Nepal. So it is not possible to swim. Because we do not have swimming pool. I still want to learn from coach Sarada. She is very kind.

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