Swimming Lesson 🏊‍♂️

Swimming is one of the most loved and known sports. More than 80 percent of people in America know how to swim, but only 58 percent people know all the 5 basic strokes and to save their life in the water. 

Swimming is not very popular in Nepal. Even though some people enjoy it. Most well known swimmer of Nepal is Gaurika Singh. She is a great swimmer. She represented at Rio 2016, as the youngest Olympian and also represented Nepal at the age of 13. She participates in a lot of tournaments. She regularly participates in South Asian Games. She has a record of 4 gold medals, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals in one season of South Asian games 2019 held in Kathmandu. We also happened to see her game. She lives in London with her parents and studies there. 

I also love swimming as much as I love archery. My mother is a sports woman in her school days so still she likes to be fit and healthy so whenever she comes to Kathmandu she goes to gym in Shaligramme. And we do swimming under coach Sarada. This time, I wanted to learn  all strokes like: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. Because someday I would like to participate in a swimming tournament. So Sarada mam, our coach used to teach us everyday. Since we were homeschooling we know to utilize time. We used to go there  when there was school and office hours, so we can make the best of our time. 

I had a lot of fun learning to swim. I raced with my friend at the swimming pool. I called him pool friend. He also participates in different swimming competitions. So after 3 months of hard training I learnt a lot. Still  I have to learn a lot. But we are living in far west Nepal. So it is not possible to swim. Because we do not have a swimming pool here. I still want to learn from coach Sarada. She is very kind. I want to learn swimming to participate in some tournaments. 

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