Designing school's "Fete And Exhibition Poster"

On 6th of March, our School Gyani Pathshala was going to have a special occasion  " The 2020 Fete and Exhibition" So I was asked to design a poster for it. So my mother asked me, “Can you do the design of the poster?” Then I said: “Sure, I can do it”. Then she gave me a design on paper.

Then I opened my computer and started to design. I designed it in 2 hours, Then showed it to mom, then she told me to modify it. Then again she had another idea then again I did it. That’s why it took me two days to finalize it.

Click here to see my design of the poster 👉 The 2020 Fete and Exhibition Poster

"But sadly the design worthed nothing, ‘cause of the Covid-19. On 4th March, the government announced “ Please do not gather more than 10 people."   So how could we organise a fete with 10 people? Our school has prepared a lot of science model to show in the exhibition.  

Invitation card was distributed. It was announced everywhere. People were so curious about it. Children were so excited. Because this was the first time it was going to happen in far west Nepal. Teachers were super excited. Teachers and students were busy making all the dioramas. Students were ready with their speech. 

But this Covid 19 messed up all our planning. But anyway, health is more important than anything in the world. My grandfather used to say that if there is no health, then we cannot achieve anything in the world, So it is very important to look after our health. We have to be healthy at any cost, rest will come later. 

There is one saying, “Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. “