Designing school's "Fete And Exhibition Poster"

On 6th March Our School Gyani Pathshala had a special occasion  " The 2020 Fete and Exhibition" So I was asked to design a poster for it. So my mom asked me, “Can you do the design of the poster?” Then I said “Sure I can”. Then she gave me a design idea of how the poster should look on paper.

 Then I opened my computer and started to design. I designed it in 2 hours, Then showed it to mom, then she told me to modify it. Then again she had another idea then again and again. That’s why it took me two days to finalize it.


Click here to see my design of the poster 👉 The 2020 Fete and Exhibition Poster


"But sadly the design worthed nothing, ‘cause of the Covid-19. The government announced “ Please do not gather more than 8 people."   So how could a fete have 8 people? 😟