In love with Archery

Archery is one of the earliest games in the world. It is known for shooting with a bow and an arrow. Nowadays it is a sport, but before it was a weapon for a war or a useful tool to hunt animals. Archery was invented around 20,000 B.C. There are  more than 7.7 million people around the USA who play archery according to 2017. Archery is also a great sport in the Olympics. Archery  was introduced to the Olympics in 1900. Korea is very good at archery. According to the latest Olympics “Rio 2016” the men and the women gold medalist in the Olympics were both from Korea.  

I am in love with archery. It is one of my favorite sports. I am pretty good at it.  Every weekend, me and my brother, we frequently go to archery while we are in Kathmandu. The first time, I was introduced to archery was in SM Mega mall, Manila. My Dad's friend Rachel introduced us to archery. Rachel and her family invited us to have dinner with them at a buffet in SM Mega mall. So after having dinner, Rachel’s mother took my sister shopping at Periwinkle. Then Rachel took us to the archery. We played for 30 minutes.There  I scored 25 and my brother scored 45. I was very angry. I thought that game was not made for me. But later my mom found out that the staff at archery had made a  mistake because he gave me the right hand bow and I am a left handed person that is why I was not able to target.  

When we came back to Kathmandu, I searched for a place where we can play archery. Later, I was happy to know that the archery was very close to our dentist clinic. This time I asked the guy for a lefty bow then amazingly  I  scored 70. And my brother got 55. I was quite happy. 

Then I planned to go to archery every week.  Now I love to  play  Archery. We also have small target archery at home but it is not interesting like going to the archery hall. 

Now we are back in Tikapur, we do not have archery here. But I play on my ipad “Archery King”. This game is one of my all time favourite games. We have to aim and shoot to a target. Usually I aim in the middle. I feel like playing archery in real life as I play it on my ipad.         

Whether I play archery in my tab or in real life, I love Archery!


 Click here to see my picture playing Archery