Importance of Trees

Trees are often called man’s best friend. They are extremely useful to man, and perhaps they are  God’s most wonderful creations. In fact, man would not be alive if there were no trees.

Trees provide us with an abundance of fruits and vegetables of various kinds. Some plants provide almonds, some gum, some resin, etc.

Our everyday favorite chewing was  made of a substance called Chicle mixed with flavorings. Chicle is a latex sap that comes from the Sapodilla tree. And the cocoa chocolate is made from the cocoa tree.

The coconut tree is also useful in many ways, like coconut oil, coconut oil is used for skin moisturizer in winter. Another is coconut water. It is  made from the water of a raw coconut.

In the 1930's people made some medicines from the trees. Which saved a lot of lives Especially Aspirin tablet which is made for pain-relief. It is made from the bark of a Willow tree.  But now mostly all medicines are made from a mix of chemicals.


We get wood from them, and from that woods we make paper for studying, so they are all-rounder for us, as every part of the trees are useful for us.

We get wood and bark from them, and from it we cook food. And get warmed-up in the cold winter.

They provide shade. They make the atmosphere cool. They control the moisture level in the atmosphere.

Places where there are no trees are extremely hot such as desert areas. 

Trees also provide us with our lifeline oxygen for breathing. If there were no trees on the earth we would eventually die just because of lack of oxygen.

Trees are the  most useful substance for the earth and for us.....

So...Plant trees.....Do not cut trees....🌲🌳🌳🌳🌲