Mt. Everest 🏔

Mount Everest lies on the border of Nepal and China. It is the highest mountain in the world. It is 29,028 ft.  (8,848 m). Everest is also known by (Sagarmatha). It is named by George Everest. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were first to reach Everest. They climbed Everest on May 29, 1953, at 11:30 a.m.  

Edmund Hillary was from New Zealand. He was a beekeeper. He was very poor at his study and was a shy boy. He discovered his love of snow and climbing mountains at the age of his school days. Hillary's first climb was  at age of 20, at Mount Ollivier,  in New Zealand's Southern Alps.

Tenzing Norgay was Sherpa. Sherpa people lived in mountain areas. Tenzing was a mountain guide. He tried to climb Everest many times but could not. His family kept telling that he will keep trying until he succeeds or he will die.

They both had a dream to climb Everest. And one day they were invited for a new expedition organized by British. 14 best climbers were invited for an expedition to Everest.

The journey began on 10th March 1953. All important things were packed. 450 Sherpas were hired to carry everything. They first walked in the jungle then in the forest, there were deadly animals like tigers, snakes,crocodiles and leeches. At last they reached the first basecamp. One day Hillary lost his grip and fell down, then immediately Tenzing helped and saved Hillary. 

On 29th May 1953, atlast they reached the summit. They spent about 15 minutes at the summit. Hillary took a photo of Tenzing posing with his ice-ax. They also took photos looking down the mountain. Tenzing left chocolates at the summit as an offering, and Hillary left a cross given to him by John Hunt.

Then they went down within 15 minutes because if they stayed long at the summit  their oxygen could finish.  So they went down to Lukla and to Kathmandu.

When they came back, the news was all over the world. Queen Elizabeth said to Edmund that : You're not just Edmund Hillary, you are Sir, Edmund Hillary. So still today people write his name as Sir. 

Many people were encouraged to climb Everest after their success story.  Altogether 5000 climbers have already climbed Everest. There are also other people who have tried to climb Everest but did not succeed.Climbing Everest is not an easy task.   

Last year, one of our Church members' husband also died, when he was climbing Everest. He has reached 3rd base camp but could not go further because of altitude sickness. His name is Dhurba Bista. He had a wife named Nirmala (who teaches in one of our schools.) and 9 months daughter. Now both of them are staying back in Tikapur with their parents. 

Someday I would also like to climb mountains but not Everest. Its too high for me and also it costs $28000-45000 which I cannot afford. But Atleast I want to go to Everest base camp. 

Thank you.