Alexander the Great

Alexander was a son of Philip II Of  Macedonia and was personally tutored by Aristotle. Tutored by a great philosopher Aristotle would worthwhile for young Alexander. He developed a real love for Greek ideas as well as a taste for the world. Alexander’s favorite story was the Iliad by Homer. Achilles was Alexander’s favorite character in the story and served as his role model. Alexander always carried a copy of  the Iliad with him at all the times.

Like his father, Alexander had a love for horses. And one time he tamed one  incredibly ferocious horse that no one else could handle. The beautiful horse’s name was Bucephalus. Alexander named a city in India after Bucephalus when the horse died.

In 336 B.C, upon Philip’s sudden death Alexander became the king of Macedonia.  In just 20 years old, Alexander claimed the Macedonian throne and killed his rivals before they could challenge to get the authority of a king.

Alexander’s kingdom included Greece, Egypt, Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, Persia, And part of India. He made Babylon his capital after brilliantly defeating  Darius  III at the famous Battle of Arbela  in 331 B.c. At Arbela, Alexander the Great demonstrated amazing military strategy-outsmarting Darius with his clever cavalry , infantry and long-speared phalanx.

Alexander once took Thebes, the city where his father had grown up as a hostage. Alexander destroyed almost the entire city  and took  30,000 people as prisoners! It looks like a revenge.

Alexander named lot of the city  he captured. Like a city in Egypt, he named it  Alexandria and it is still it is Alexandria.

Although Alexander did not lived long. In 323 B.c., at only 33, he fell extremely ill and died within 12 days! The cause of his death remains unclear. It could have been malaria, typhoid, meningitis, excessive alcohol, or poison that took his life. Knowing that he was dying, Alexander propped  himself up on one elbow and allowed his troops to pass by one by one and kiss his hand.

When all had finished kissing, last word to his friend was “After I am gone, will you find a king worthy of such men?”                                                                                        And he died.