Philip II of Macedonia

Macedonia was the name of a region in northern Greece. The Macedonia believed they were descended from the Greek god Macedon, the supposed son of Zeus. In the kingdom of Macedonia a you prince named Philip II lived. When Philip was young his brother was the king of Macedonia. During a war, one time the Macedonians lost the battle and Philip was taken as a prisoner to a region of Thebes, located northwest of Athens. As Again  Macedonians won the war and Philip came back home.

In 359 B.C. Philip was crowned king. He was a great organizer, a great soldier, a great speaker, a great diplomat, and  to have had a charming personality. What does a leader need more than all these qualities? He probably would expand his kingdom. That is exactly what he did. Philip completely reorganized his army and made them stronger. One of the best idea of Philip was to improve phalanx.

Usually in phalanx had 8 rows deep. But Philip replaced it to 2 to 3 meters long spears with spiky lances that were twice that length! These 6-foot lances were called sarissas. On top of that, Philip deepened the phalanx to 20 rows. If one row was knocked out, there were plenty more to replace it. as you can imagine, this mass of marching manpower, cloaked in shield sand long spikes, was very intimidating to an enemy!

Philip’s name meant “horse lover,” and he lived up to it. Unlike most kings who rode horses behind battle lines. Philip II proudly rode in front. Not that that didn’t cost him-Philip lost an eye when it was gouged out by an arrow!

The success of Philip’s army helped Macedonia to grow. Philip II managed to take in lands as far north as the Danube River and almost all of Greece, Though much blood was spilled between the city-states of Greece, Philip II managed to untie them. No one had ever done that before. It was amazing.

Later on 336 B.C. he died or was been killed. No one knows that Philip died or someone killed him.

Even though he was a great King!