Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias was born on 26 March 1946 in Madras, India. He was atheist until the age of 17, when he committed suicide. And in the hospital, Christian worker shared the Bible to his mother and encouraged her to read to him from John 14. Verse John 14:19 “Because I live, you also will live” has touched his life. And he gave his life to Christ.

God had used Ravi mightily in His ministry. Ravi was a Christian apologist and a great preacher. He was the author of more than 30 Christian books. Ravi was the founder of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He used to speak in different countries and already spoke more than 50 countries including my country Nepal. 

On 23- 25 January 2020, there was an IDC, (Intentional Discipleship Conference) in Ortigas, Manila. Our family was also blessed to attend that conference. Actually, I saw Ravi Zacharia speaking live. His sermons are not so easy to understand but have a great meaning. We all love Ravi’s sermon, especially my mother.  My mom also loves to read his books. She has collected more than 10 books. Each time she visits the Philippines, she gets a suitcase of books. Those are her treasures. He also wrote books for children. We have one of them called “The Merchant and the Thief.”

But sadly, on 19 May 2020, we heard the news of the sudden death of Ravi Zacharias caused by cancer. We all were shocked to hear the news because a few months back, we met him, we heard of him, we saw him, by then he was fit and fine. After four months we heard that news. We couldn't believe it.Then after a week on 29 May 2020, at night, 23:00 we watched his funeral live service. Because the world was suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic. So most of the countries were locked down. It was nearly three hours of funeral live service. I could not watch everything though I wanted to because it was already late.  But I watched the Vice President of America, Mike Pence attended and gave a speech at Ravi’s Funeral Service. It was a very heartbreaking time. Not only we but the world were in shock for the loss of a great author, preacher and apologist Dr. Ravi Zacharius. But I know one thing he is in heaven, safe and sound with our God without any problem or fear of Coronavirus.                            

I have a hope that someday I will also see Ravi Zacharias again in Heaven, because we have committed our life to Christ and have assurance to go to Heaven.  

The end!

Photos of Ravi Zacharia and Watching Live in IDC