Review of Stuart little

A second son, arrived to a family in New York, who was not taller than two inches, had a whisker like a mouse, a sharp nose and a mouse’s tail . Mr. and Mrs. Little named the mouse Stuart. His brother's name was George. 

When Mrs. Little was washing the bathtub, suddenly her ring fell down the drain. However, they tried but they could not get it, so later Stuart brought the ring. Stuart loved to help and loved to spend time with the family.

One day while Mrs. Little was in the kitchen, she saw a bird in the windowsill apparently dead. Mrs. Little gave a cup of water then she felt much better. The bird's  name was Margalo. Next day, Stuart was nearly dumped into the ocean, at that moment Margalo came and rescued him. They became close friends. She started living there with the Little family.

 One night, Snowbell and his friend were having a conversation about killing Margelo. The pigeon happened to listen to all the conversation and immediately sent a letter to Margalo. Margalo was so worried about her life that she flew from there without telling anybody. Everybody looked for Margalo but no one found her. 

Stuart missed his friend so much that he also went in search of Margalo. But he didn't know where to go so he asked advice on such an important matter from his friend Dr.Carey, the surgeon-dentist. There Dr. Carey gave Stuart a suggestion to go to the North. And not only he suggested but he gave an automobile which is exactly suitable for Stuart.  Early morning, Stuart headed North and on his way, he happened to help in school substituting as a teacher. He entertained the students. He stopped at different places. He got thirsty and went to the nearby shop and drank sarsaparilla. The shopkeeper explained to him about a girl who was as tall as Stuart and was beautiful, whose name was Harriet. Then Stuart wrote a letter to Harriet asking if she could go on a date with him in a canoe paddling. Stuart was so excited and paid for the canoe. He was desperately waiting.

So the next day, both of them headed to the canoe. But Stuart discovered that the canoe was not there. Later he came to know that somebody had played a trick on him. The whole boat was messy and broken. Stuart was heartbroken, putting his tears back, he refused to speak. Then Harriet also went back to her house.

The next morning, Stuart with a fresh mind again resumed his journey North, expecting to meet his friend Margalo.  One his way he saw crossroads,wondering which way to go. There he saw a repairman and asked about a bird named Margelo. Stuart again asked for suggestions about which way he should go. Then he headed North with a confidence that he will surely find Margalo.    


The End!