Our family guest House’s name is Prince House. It is located in Bhanimandal, Jawalakhel, Nepal. It has 12 bedrooms, and a training center and Buffet Breakfast. 

Prince House also works through Booking.com. The booking.com advertises our guest house and sends guests to the guest house and  they charge a commission of around 12%. 

For Example: Guest’ book our guest house from booking.com and the booking.com sends an email in which all guest’s details are contained then all the guests come and when they are leaving they pay us the fare. 

For eg.

guest pay us $605 and as the commission of around 12% we would pay $72.60 as a commission for Booking.com

This is the invoice which Booking.com send for us so we would pay the right amount of money as the Commission to the booking .com