God has a plan for everything

My father and mother were invited to a conference called Confluence 2020. They are invited every year to attend the conference. Surprisingly, this year our sponsor friend invited me and my siblings to visit America. My parents were invited and they were paid for the tickets to attend the conference, and other friends paid for me and my siblings' airfare. We had sponsors to take us to America, but the main thing we need to go to America is a Visa. Which my parents had but not me nor my siblings. So we applied for it. We prayed, prepared and fast. But we were rejected. Then we tried again. And again we were rejected. We tried for 3 times and were rejected for 3 times.

Now, my parents were only able to go. My mother doesn’t want to leave us so she said, to my father, “I have gone there twice. So I do not want to go there again without children.” She was just concerned for us and our study. We had a big meeting concerning the US trip. My father wants to go with my mother but my mother doesn't want to leave us. Atlast, it was decided, my father was the only person who travels for the US.

When he was in America the Covid 19 was slowly spreading in the West. In the 3rd week of staying in the US, it was being dangerous for him to stay in America. So he thought of changing the tickets. He had the flight of 17th March 2020, but he moved the ticket to 12th March and came to Kathmandu as fast as he could. He reached Kathmandu safely. He quarantined himself for one week in Kathmandu and came back to Tikapur. The day he reached Tikapur, the next day our government announced a lockdown. Again he was quarantined for 2 more weeks in Tikapur.

Sometimes we wonder why God doesn't answer our prayers. We have learned from Peter Tanchi that God answers prayers in 3 ways- Yes, No, Wait. So for us, it was directly NO. We didn’t understand. We cried, we questioned ourselves if He is the true living God, why He didn't listen? Why He didn't answer our prayer. Such were the questions we asked at that time and prayed. 

But everytime our parents said, maybe that is what God wants. And I ask myself why He doesn't want us to explore the US. Since people are ready to accommodate. 

But later after one month when father has to hurry, the world has to shut down then it clicks into our mind, that He is the sovereign God, all knowing, omnipresent, Omnipotent God who knows about our future, the good and the bad for us. So He already knew this was going to happen, He didn't allow visa to us. Because it would make more expenses, and so much trouble with the whole family. So God knew what was going to happen.

As it is written in the Bible, “ For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

I learned that God has a plan for everything. And I thank my Lord for what He has done for us. 

All glory to God.