Visit to Putra Mosque 🕌

Malaysia is a well developed country. It's capital city is “Kuala Lumpur”. There are a lot of beaches and tall buildings.  Its Currency is Ringgit or RM. Malaysia is a Musilim country. 61.3% of the people in Malaysia are Musilims. One of its most well known places throughout the world are Petronas Twin Tower, Putra Mosque, and Putrajay.

On  5th of February, we visited a Mosque in Malaysia, its name is Putra Mosque. Putra  Mosque's architect is elegant. The mosque was named as an honor for Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia. This  Mosque is manmade. It just took two year to build this  elegant architecture. And it cost RM250 million ($60.13 million USD). That's a great amount of money! 

We went there by our hotel’s van. When we reached the entrance of the mosque, the mosque’s employee said that tourist visit time is over because it's time for prayer in the mosque. We were there around evening time. Sadly we were not able to go inside but then we went to the backside of the mosque and saw a beautiful view of sunset and the view of Putrajaya Lake. It was fascinating. We also took pictures there.  

There were lots of souvenir shops and restaurants. We went to a restaurant where we could taste original Malaysian food. My parents ordered Nasi lemak, (rice steamed with coconut milk), satay, local tea and some chicken fried rice. We enjoyed the food.It was delicious.

In the Souvenir shop, we bought Malaysia’s flag and stamps and some postcards. We bought dates and lots of dried fruit. We can see women wearing black burka, hijab and men wearing white Kurta Pajama and white round caps.

Then we went to the Perdana Putra. It is just two minutes walking distance from the Mosque. It is the place where the Prime Minister of Kuala Lumpur lives. We took photos outside of it. 

On the way coming back to hotel, my father dare to shared the gospel to our tour guide who was muslim. He was a very gentle man. We are still in touch with him. He also wants to visit Nepal someday. 

I give glory to God, though I was there for a very short visit but was able to tour all the three most well known places of Malaysia.

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